What do We Think of When Choosing a Sun Hat?

Hats may not be the first item on your list of summer wear, but they make a big difference. Summertime is the best period that you can do a lot of interesting activities, such as hiking, camping, climbing, fishing and more. While the sun is really annoying, which may get you sunburned. There are a variety of available sun hats. Baseball caps or truckers hats may come first into your mind as sun hats. Indeed, they are sun hats but they do not provide full coverage for your ears, neck and the sides of your face will be exposed to the sun. Choosing the right sun hat may not as easy as you thought, so that we have listed some key points that you should notice when selecting a good sun hat.

Firstly, a good sun hat must have full brim which can protect most of your exposed skin from the sun. We always think traditional sun hats should have wide and large brim widths with at least 3 inches to 4 inches would be better. The wider the brim be, the more protective the hat. If you are a backpacker, you may want a hat with not too wide brim because the brim may block your vision and bump into your backpack. Designer bucket hat is favored by many hipsters and hip-hop singers. It has a 360-degree brim that offers an excellent coverage to your face, ears and neck.

Secondly, we often purchase a sun hat in wrong size. Usually, we would ask merchants if this hat fits our head when we shopping on the Internet, while every manufacturer’s sizing chart is slightly different, they may not so accurate. Therefore, you’d better get an accurate measurement of your head then choose the right size of the hat. You can use a flexible tape wrap it around and measure your head. Also you can use a string to measure your head and then flatly lie it on a ruler to get the measurement.

Thirdly, sun hats come in a variety of styles that can be divided into solid colors, floral patterns and other patterns. You may choose your preferred one that makes you happy with it. There is one rule that you should remember: colors like black, dark brown, dark grey and red will absorb sunlight and attract more heat, while the lighter colors, such as white, beige, cream and khaki will keep your head cool and fade less. However, these lighter colors are easier to get dirt, so you should keep them away from your grubby hands.

Last but not least, sun hats are mainly used to protect your from the sun and its harmful UV rays, plus to save you the trouble with applying sunscreen on your face. When it comes to sun protection, we have to pay attention to the UPF ((Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating of a hat. Many good sun hats have inside label of UPF with rage of 15 to 50. Generally speaking, the higher the UPF, the more protection we get from a hat. UPF measures the amount of UV radiation that passes through the fabric of the hat. For example, a UPF rating of 30+ blocks about 96% of UV radiation.