What do We Think of When Choosing a Sun Hat?

Hats may not be the first item on your list of summer wear, but they make a big difference. Summertime is the best period that you can do a lot of interesting activities, such as hiking, camping, climbing, fishing and more. While the sun is really annoying, which may get you sunburned. There are a variety of available sun hats. Baseball caps or truckers hats may come first into your mind as sun hats. Indeed, they are sun hats but they do not provide full coverage for your ears, neck and the sides of your face will be exposed to the sun. Choosing the right sun hat may not as easy as you thought, so that we have listed some key points that you should notice when selecting a good sun hat.

Firstly, a good sun hat must have full brim which can protect most of your exposed skin from the sun. We always think traditional sun hats should have wide and large brim widths with at least 3 inches to 4 inches would be better. The wider the brim be, the more protective the hat. If you are a backpacker, you may want a hat with not too wide brim because the brim may block your vision and bump into your backpack. Designer bucket hat is favored by many hipsters and hip-hop singers. It has a 360-degree brim that offers an excellent coverage to your face, ears and neck.

Secondly, we often purchase a sun hat in wrong size. Usually, we would ask merchants if this hat fits our head when we shopping on the Internet, while every manufacturer’s sizing chart is slightly different, they may not so accurate. Therefore, you’d better get an accurate measurement of your head then choose the right size of the hat. You can use a flexible tape wrap it around and measure your head. Also you can use a string to measure your head and then flatly lie it on a ruler to get the measurement.

Thirdly, sun hats come in a variety of styles that can be divided into solid colors, floral patterns and other patterns. You may choose your preferred one that makes you happy with it. There is one rule that you should remember: colors like black, dark brown, dark grey and red will absorb sunlight and attract more heat, while the lighter colors, such as white, beige, cream and khaki will keep your head cool and fade less. However, these lighter colors are easier to get dirt, so you should keep them away from your grubby hands.

Last but not least, sun hats are mainly used to protect your from the sun and its harmful UV rays, plus to save you the trouble with applying sunscreen on your face. When it comes to sun protection, we have to pay attention to the UPF ((Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating of a hat. Many good sun hats have inside label of UPF with rage of 15 to 50. Generally speaking, the higher the UPF, the more protection we get from a hat. UPF measures the amount of UV radiation that passes through the fabric of the hat. For example, a UPF rating of 30+ blocks about 96% of UV radiation.

Protection for Sun-sensitive People

Have you ever felt strange, exaggerated skin burning or any abnormal changes in your skin in the sun? These symptoms may be caused by photosensitizing chemicals in drugs or cosmetics that produce a biological response when exposed to ultraviolet rays. This type of ultraviolet light may come from the sun or other types of artificial ultraviolet light, such as the “purple light” mosquito killer, which usually does not cause problems.

Photosensitizers can cause two basic types of reactions: photoallergy and phototoxicity.

It is not clear why there is a photoallergic reaction in the body. Ultraviolet rays cause skin reactions to chemicals that have been applied to the skin, such as sunscreens, perfumes, cosmetic or antibiotic ointments, or ingested drugs. It usually causes an allergic reaction in the body in the form of a rash, small blisters or other types of rash. Symptoms usually appear 24 to 48 hours after being exposed to the sun, but may also appear within 20 seconds of UV exposure. Sometimes, photoallergic reactions can be delayed by up to 3 months. And this allergic reaction can spread to other parts of the body that never exposed to the sun.

Phototoxic reactions are more common than photoallergic reactions, but it does not affect the body’s immune system.

In phototoxic reactions, photoreactive components absorb energy from ultraviolet light (usually UVA) and release it into the skin, causing skin cells to damage or die within a few minutes to up to several hours after UV exposure. However, the damaged skin is limited to those parts of the body that are exposed to the sun.

You may be worried about getting photosensitivity. Some people may ask whether the sunscreen can help protect them against it. The answer is not quite sure. Actually, the sunscreen will reduce the amount of UV radiations that reflect your exposed skin. But some sunscreens have ingredients that may cause photosensitivity to some extent. Therefore, the best, easiest and cheapest way to protect you from the sun and its harmful UV rays is to wear a good sun hat. It will not damage your skin or cause phototoxic reaction. If you have sensitive skin, you may not apply much more sunscreen that may cause hypersensitive response. A sun hat is safe solution to your sensitive skin protection.

You need to think about what you want it do when choosing a sun hat. There are many kinds of sun hats in the market. For example, baseball caps, bucket hats, straw hats and so on. Different types of sun hats may have different degree of sun protection ability. Bucket hats are often worn by many stars, hipsters and hip-hop musicians. And it not only performs well in sun protection but it also as a decoration to people’s outfits. The bucket hat comes in different styles, such as solid colors, floral patterns and letter patterns. Most bucket hats are made of lightweight, soft and durable materials, like cotton, nylon and denim. It can be worn all year round. With wide brim can protect your face, eras and neck from being exposed to the sun. A bucket hat can be used for your hiking, fishing, camping, backpacking and more.

Choosing the Right Hat for Your Outdoor Activities

Do you know how to choose a sun hat, probably the first thing your look is that if this hat makes you look good? Well, most people do this, if the hat is not looking good, it will not get into their eyes. However, there are many factors which you should consider when choosing a sun hat, such factors including styles, colors, degree of sun protection and others.

As far as I’m considered, there are four important factors that we should pay more attention to are styles of hats, brims, comfort and breathability. These factors will make a big difference to your adventures.

If you are doing activities like backpacking and climbing, you may want to choose a smaller brim so that the hat won’t hit your back. Bucket hats with string have small brim that provides less protection. But they are favored by many active wearers, such as golfers and fishermen. Different hats have different types of brim. So you need to know what type of brim you want. They may differ in the shape and the degree of sun protection which they could offer. Wide-brimmed hats will protect the most part of your skin from the sun, while the smaller-brimmed hats could not give you full coverage to your face, ears and neck.

When it comes to sun hats, they may vary in the styles. If you want a hat that can give you the extreme protection, a cape style hat will meet the most of your needs for a sun hat. This cape style hat have a brim in the front and a cape that to protect the back of your neck from the harsh sunlight and the harmful UV radiations. It is very suitable for backpackers because it won’t bump into your backpack. Baseball caps are popular in recent years because they are stylish and without gender limitations. The defect is that the hat cannot cover your ears, neck and the sides of your face. For those who do not want a wide brimmed or a baseball styles hat, you can choose a bucket hat with moderate brim that can offer you good protection. Besides, the brim of some bucket hats can be flipped down and up, which means you will have two kinds of hats, a wide brim one and a narrow brim one.

Comfort may decide what kinds of activities you are going to do wearing the hat. If you have planned to go hiking, then you should find a wide-brimmed hat which offers the best sun protection during your long-time hiking trip. While if you are climbing, you may want a smaller brim so that it won’t fall off when you look up the mountains. If you like running, while the summer sun is really harsh even in the early morning, you can wear a bucket hat made of lightweight fabric that has good breathability. Therefore, you should choose a hat with good ventilation that allows air to pass through the fabric and keeps your head cool. Besides, you need to make sure the hat fits your head.